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The Beehive Hitchhiker Hostel LbNA #8931

Owner:Busy Bee
Plant date:Jun 28, 2004
Found by: Mosaic Butterfly (2)
Last found:Jan 15, 2019
Last edited:Jun 28, 2004
6/01/08 STATUS: Refurbished and returned.
10/11/10 STATUS: Cleaned and returned.
1/11/12 STATUS: Repaired and returned.
6/2015 STATUS: Refurbished and returned.

Among the letterboxes placed by Busy Bee,
In the site where three are hidden,
Seek Watchful Birds; turn 280* -
Blooms spring tween two stones, as bidden.

Beneath are two resting places for hitchhikers.
Find two boxes in this hostel.
Leave at least one hitcher awaiting more takers.
Take or leave, help them travel well.
* * *
Okay, please excuse the awful rhyme. LOL!

You can exchange hitchhikers, take one without an exchange or only drop some off here, as you think best advances any hitchhikers along their way. Any exchanges made don't have to be even exchanges, as long as there is always at least one hitchhiker in residence at all times.

This hostel does have it's own box stamp in one of the boxes, and it is a 'three parter' of sorts, that can add to the total stamped image if you come to visit more than once. Or, heck, you can stamp up a whole page in your logbook at once if you like. ;)