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Locks of Luck LbNA #8598

Owner:WHAT A FLOCK! Contact
Plant date:Jun 6, 2004
Location: John A. Minetto State Park
Planted by:Rubaduc Contact Supporter
Found by: DevilinDog
Last found: Feb 2, 2023
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 20, 2015

We just adopted this box from Rubaduc who adopted it from T&J. The box is in the same spot we made a few repairs and are updating the clues.
In the old log book it was called a “hard find”. We hope with the updated clues, you will find it. It took us approximately 45 minutes round trip.
Loved to hear from you!
John A. Minetto State Park
Route 272 between Norfolk and Torrington
(The sign comes down in the winter!)
The road you walk on while exploring the park was probably the original highway before the dam was constructed and the highway re-routed.
Drive down the entrance road, bearing right at the fork. You will need to park here. Walk around the green gate and down the old road. Walk until you see an open gravel area on your left. Notice just off the paved road and before the gravel area, the flat ground plaque in the grass marking the home site of Caleb Beach. It was the first home in Winchester.
Back on the old road continue until you reach the remains of a green gate on your right. Keep walking down the road with the swamp on your left. The road narrows but is still paved. This road gets wet in some places but with watchful stepping is still passable.
Be on the watch for an old outhouse vent pipe on your right. A large ash tree is on your left and the Hall Meadow Dam appears in the distance. Not sure if the dam is visible in the summer.
Stand at the north corner of the outhouse foundation. Take a reading of 330 degrees, walk 35 steps toward a two foot tall triangular shaped rock. Just behind it hidden by a smaller triangular rock is the fruit of your efforts!!