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San Francisco Landmarks Series LbNA #8544

Owner:Tara Contact
Plant date:Jun 5, 2004
County:San Francisco
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found: Mar 27, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 5, 2004
This is a short little hike through the wooded area near Baker Beach. Baker Beach is off of Lincoln Blvd. Dogs are allowed on leash, and I think the entire hike is probably about a half mile. Definately NOT wheelchair accessible. Bikes are allowed near the area, but you can't get to the letterboxes via bike.

When you make your left from Lincoln into Baker Beach, make your first right to go down to the parking lots. Follow "Battery Chamberlin Rd" to the largest parking lot.

Go through the gate at the end of the parking lot with the sign that reads "Battery Chamberlin" and along the path that goes by the Defenders of the Golden Gate Coast Artillery Museum. This pathway looks like it can be locked at times, but if that is the case you could bypass that area by going along the beach (going around the enclosed area). At the end of this pathway, past the museum, there is another gate. Take a right at this gate and go up the large path (that is wide enough for a car to drive on it). At the VERY top, just before the last curve that leads to Lincoln Blvd there is a small path straight in front of you that leads toward the ocean. Take 35 steps down that path and look to your right. You will see a very large (dying?) tree about 30 feet from you. Look in the middle of the tree about 5 feet high. There is a niche in the middle with box #1. Please put the stick or something similar back in front of the box to conceal it. (Note: the letterbox has been moved to another niche just a little to the left and lower than the large niche. It is concealed with pine cones and sticks. This is a better spot, so I've left it there.

Turn around and head back to the large path (that is car-width). Go back down the path. Not far at all, just before the curve in the path that is almost a complete U-turn there will be two trees that are much larger than the rest on your left. Behind the first tree at the ground there is a niche that contains box #2. Please re-conceal well with twigs or rocks.

Continue down the same wide path towards the ocean. When the fence begins on your left, turn around and take 25 steps back the way you came. Take the path that is on your left. Follow this path straight towards the first letterbox. There will be a large fallen tree on your right, keep going straight down the little valley and back up the other side. There will be a small concrete retaining wall in the dirt/sand almost straight ahead of you (maybe slightly to the left). Walk to that wall. From the wall, not far in a NW direction is a tree with a tangle of exposed roots. Tucked in there on the right side is box #3. Please re-conceal with the rock and sand.

These are my first LB plants, so I HOPE that they were hidden well enough and easy enough to find! Please email me if you find them (or don't)! :D Enjoy