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ruckman LbNA #8420

Owner:flowerlion Contact
Plant date:May 22, 2004
Found by: feeling froggy :) (2)
Last found: Feb 3, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 22, 2004
Ruckman trail is at Rogue Community College.

How to Get there: If your traveling on I-5, get of at exit 55 into Grants Pass, Follow this highway for approximately 5 miles. Turn left on Demeray Drive (flashing yellow light), then turn right onto College Drive, there will be a large sign that says Rogue Community College. Follow this small, windy road a short distance, turn right on a one way street and park right there...there are yellow poles where you turned on that one way street. If you stand infront of these poles the ruckman trail is across the street and slightly to the left.

On the ruckman trail, fallow the sign that points right.. then go left at the Y, then left again at the next Y. See two sheds, one on your left and one further up on the right.. between these two sheds are two pine trees and they are guarding a small cedar. Look at the base of they cedar and you will get your surprise. (I was warned that there may be poison oak in the area, so be carefull)

Turn around and start heading back, if you didnt notice when you made the left at the Y it now looks like a W, you came from the trail in the middle, now you want to take the trail to your right. Pass the Pacific Madrone. See the Ponderosa Pine, and the Shooting Star. (some of the tree name signs are missing) The box is on the right behind a six in one tree, if you dont look at the base closely it could be two, three in one tree..Behind these tree you see a pice of wood look under it this is your second box...

hope you had fun...

To get back to your can take a left at the Oregon White Oak. stay in this trail until you see where you started from...

(as i forgot the ink pad please bring your own)