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Demerit Badges LbNA #76253

Owner:Lee & Nancy Contact Supporter
Plant date:Aug 24, 2022
County:Los Angeles
Location: Mt Baden-Powell
Found by: Kelsung (10)
Last found: Sep 17, 2022
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 25, 2022
$5 parking (with some annual/lifetime permits honored to end of 2022). Mt Baden-Powell is named in honor of the founder of boy scouting, and thousands of scouts have hiked to its top. Their is a nice monument at its peak honoring them. I took the most direct route to the top from the trailhead at Vincent Gulch Divide. Its about 7.5 miles round trip, with an approximate 2800 foot elevation gain (ending at an elevation of 9400 feet). At my age, weight, and condition, I found the hike to be very challenging and strenuous taking all day to do the round trip. I recommend you bring plenty of water and a snack; and get an early start. The views from the top are incredible and a good place to take a well deserved break. The trail has many switchbacks and are referenced in the clues. Switching direction across the mountain face, usually with a sharp corner, but not always. For planning purposes, each stamp is round, with a 2 inch diameter - use any colors you like. This series reflects lesser, undesirable achievements, that you wouldn't necessarily want your scout to attain. As such, it starts at the top of the mountain and goes downhill from there.

Begin down the mountain the way you came up, circling right to the fist switchback corner (SBC). Box 1. Running with Scissors is at the base of the roots of the downed tree under rocks. Continue downhill past another SBC and across the sadlle with the old Wally Tree, then curve right and begin counting SBCs. Box 2. Littering is at the 6th SBC in the crack on the back of the Y tree. Continue downhill and begin counting SBCs again. After passing 8 SBCs look for 3 trees together right of trail. Box 3. Failing Class is behind the 3rd tree under rock. Continue downhill and begin counting SBCs again. Box 4. Playing with Matches is at SBC 4 behind tree under rock. Continue downhill and begin counting SBCs again. Before you get to the next(first) SBC you will come to a downed log along the right side of trail, with another on the left that is perpendicular to the trail going uphill to its roots. Box 5. Mooning is uphill at base of roots under rock. If you come to a stump on right side of trail, you have gone too far. Continue downhill and begin counting SBCs again. SBC 4 has a 16 painted on a tree and "Half Way" carved on a downed tree. Continue to SBC 5. Box 6. Fighting is inside rock cavity 3 feet before corner on the inside turn covered with smaller rocks. Continue downhill and begin counting SBCs again. SBC 1 is junction to Lamer Spring and a short walk to cold water coming out from under a rock if you choose to explore. Box 7. Smoking is at SBC 4 15 feet ahead to top of stump covered with debris and rock (re-hide well please). Continue downhill and begin counting SBCs again. SBC 5 has a bench and a geocache uphill from it. At SBC 7 go another 22 steps down trail to a small tree on left. Box 8. Drinking is at its center under pine needles. Continue downhill and begin counting SBCs again. Box 9. Tagging is at SBC 2 taking side trail 10 feet to back of small tree between small stumps. Continue downhill and no need to count SBCs again. Go to the NE end of parking lot to the last wooden fence post. Box 10. Shoplifting is under edge of 2nd large rock from post covered with smaller rocks.