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Silver Pine LbNA #75541

Owner:bunny711 Contact
Plant date:May 25, 2021
Found by: JoySong
Last found: Sep 28, 2021
Hike distance:1 mi
Last edited:May 25, 2021
In honor of our 25th Wedding Anniversary “Silver” I surprised my husband with a stay at the hotel we stayed at on our honeymoon and created this, my first letterbox! There is a little surprise in it for the first finder!
Clues: Find the hotel near the interstate that also has a truck stop (Travel Center). The name is not LARGE and a GROUP OF STATES but - ______ _______. Park on either the east side of the hotel or in front on the eastern side. Make your way to the back of the property just south of the hotel restaurant that shares the name with this box. Find the beginning of the Nature and Hiking Trail marked by a wooden sign. The trail is open to the public. The entire trail is a loop about 2 miles long if you want to continue after finding the letterbox. It also connects to the Arizona Trail.
Go about 100 yards on the graveled path to a second sign that welcomes you to the trail. Facing the sign, turn east and begin walking clockwise on the Loop A portion of the trail. As you walk down this nicely graveled trail you will be turning south and going away from the Travel Center. Pass a cage of rocks, a lovely bench, and continue downhill, going under the power lines and past another cage of rocks. As the trail starts to turn to the east again, spy an exceptionally large Ponderosa Pine tree that is leaning to the east. It is probably older than 300 years! As you look around you will see many old growth Ponderosas. The Coconino National Forest is home to the largest stand of Ponderosa Pine trees in the world.
From the base of the tree spot a part of an incredibly old tree trunk that is about 2 ½ foot tall. Keeping on that same line head east across the trail and count 3 ponderosa trees. Now go forward past 6 low stumps and cross a road. Spot a burned-out stump next to an average sized pine tree. The box awaits you. Be sure to poke around with a stick first in case any critters have taken up residence with it. Beware of muggles since you are out in the open and find a secluded spot to record your find. Please rebag carefully as we have snow and rain throughout the year. Rehide the box well and cover it with some plant debris so that it cannot be seen from any direction.
You can either continue walking the loop for another 1.5 miles or return the way you came. Either way, take time to have the cheapest soft serve ice cream cone in Flag for 75 cents at the Travel Center!

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