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Bike Tree LbNA #75284

Owner:Tulip2 Contact
Plant date:Jan 16, 2021
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Jan 17, 2021
This box is located off of Hwy 32 heading to Forest Ranch. Turn right on Yosemite and park at the intersection of Native Oak and Yosemite. Take the bike trail to the left. This trail goes into a small wooded area. At the top of the trail, continue on the unpaved road. You are looking for the last tree on the right that has a bike hanging from a branch. At the base of the tree, you will look for the box. This walk is used by hikers and dogs. In the spring the flowers are lovely. Watch for the wildlife....Coyotes, deer, rabbits, owls, and hawks have been spotted.