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Boxing Day 2020: Ajax LbNA #75244

Owner:Creeping Death Contact
Plant date:Dec 27, 2020
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Kelsung
Last found: May 2, 2021
Hike distance:2-3 mi
Last edited:Dec 28, 2020
Clue image
Boxing Day letterbox event
Ninjahara has a pet dog named Ajax
Help find Ajax by the Teepee

Harter Lane & Bigbriar Way
Residential area - free parking
2.7 mile out and back trail
Find your way up to the Teepee
On your way up grab a rock
Once there visit the rock maze
Leave the rock maze toward Bee Lane
The private property has bee hives
Walk 300 paces along Bees to the lonely Bee mail box
The mail box is at the intersection of Mt Lukens fire road
Walk back down Bees 20 paces to the east bush tree
The base has a skull size SPOR