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Central Ohio COVID-19 Letterboxing Tour #3 (of 3) LbNA #75187

Plant date:Nov 21, 2020
Location: Shafer Park (5220 Cambria Way)
Found by: ChilioBear
Last found:May 6, 2021
Last edited:Nov 22, 2020
Central Ohio COVID-19 Letterboxing Tour #3 (of 3)

NOTE: We used a free app called “Picture This” to instantly photograph & identify the types of trees listed in our clues. You very likely can still find this letterbox even without knowing which trees are which.
1) Arrive at Shafer Park (5220 Cambria Way) in Westerville and park on the tiny concrete apron that sits in front of a rectangular, football field-sized area.
2) Exit your vehicle, and walk (about 50 steps) to the back, right corner of the open field until you enter the woods on a worn dirt path.
3) Walk along the path for about 125 paces, past a big Sugar Maple and even bigger White Oaks.
4) When you get to a really big, fallen Northern Red Oak, walk from the tips to its roots.
5) Somewhere at the exposed base, you’ll find the letterbox.

Congratulations -- you have found #3 (of 3) Letterboxes!

NOTE: Be sure to snap the QR-code (and visit to learn how the students of Ventures II answered the Driving Question:
“How can we safely promote pandemic health, wellness, and fun for the Central Ohio community?”

Hike length: 0.1 miles