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Love Those Movies: Gamera LbNA #74748 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Creeping Death Contact
Plant date:Jul 5, 2020
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:Jul 26, 2020
Last edited:Aug 2, 2021
Clue image
01AUG2021 - MISSING -

If you grew up in the early 70's you would remember this iconic Japanese movie character plus Godzilla, and Giant Robot. Gamera the Giant Monster came out in 1965.

This hike will take about 15 minutes to reach destination

Brand Park
Green Cross
Hiking Trail behind cross
Breathe - All We Have is NOW
Water tank on right
Go left on upper asphalt trail
Large barbed wire underground building
Yellow gate barrier
Go right up asphalt trail
Note: Left asphalt trail leads to Brand family cemetery
Two steel containers
Zig Zag up asphalt one minute
Look out toward city which you hiked up
Todd the Turtle is buried here
SPOR it's not
Behind memorial
Peanut Brittle fist size concrete

NOTE: hikers have been adding rocks to the memorial
If you would like to bring a special rock to add to it
I painted a turtle on a rock to add to this memorial

Hike length: 1 mile