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Happy Hiker LbNA #74655

Owner:Gypsy gal Contact
Plant date:Jun 9, 2020
Found by: Tepee-AZ
Last found: Aug 31, 2020
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:May 25, 2021
I lived in Flagstaff in the 90's and every year our office used to climb Mt. Humphrey. While visiting friends near Flagstaff and who have a great view of the San Francisco Peaks, I decided to place a letterbox near there.

In Flagstaff, follow the signs to the Grand Canyon. When on Highway 180 you will see a sign that says seven miles to Snowbowl Road. Turn right on Snowbowl Road and climb 5.3 miles to a trail parking lot on the left.

Clue to the box:
Park and walk downhill to the end of the parking lot, to the last rock bordering the parking lot. Stop and look 230 degrees to see a huge aspen tree with one large trunk and two large trees growing out of it. (They are the largest diameter aspens I think I have ever seen.) Walk 40 steps to this tree. Four to five feet away is a very long downed log. Behind this log, near the aspen is a branch embedded in the ground. You will find the Happy Hiker under it.

Please double bag as this area gets lots of snow.

Happy Boxing!