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Peanut Butter and Chocolate LbNA #74438

Owner:Bell-Bottomley Contact Inactive
Plant date:Mar 18, 2020
Location: 91020
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Nannie
Last found:Apr 10, 2022
Last edited:Mar 19, 2020
If you have ever wanted to visit a small, well not real small, but quaint town outside of downtown LA, this is it. It has it all! Whether you want to take a stroll, eat cuisine from around the world, dance your heart out, paint like you have never painted before,sample olive oil, listen to live music while you sip a glass of Cabernet, see a movie, visit a candy store, a toy store, or visit the oldest bookstore in the nation(54 years young), we've got it!
After you have sampled what our small town USA, Montrose, has to offer, make your way to the Northeast section of Honolulu Avenue. Don't get distracted by the delicious smells from our local restaurants. Your hidden treasure can be found on the north side of the street behind a hidden local gem in our community. This gem is the oldest of its kind in the nation. It takes you on an adventure of a lifetime and an imaginative journey to anywhere your mind wants to go. You can go back in time, get lost on a deserted island, or travel to the future. OUAT is a must see! I know! Once you have stepped foot into a one of a kind bookstore like this, it is hard to remember what you were here for in the first place.
Back to the hidden treasure: Make your way up the one-way alley, between the two restaurants. Once you have reached the end of Star Cafe, go behind Star Cafe and Zeke's. You will pass a Do Not Enter sign and a small staircase on your right. Keep walking straight ahead until you find a two-toned blue shed behind the brick building. You will find what you are looking for under the front door, in the left corner of the shed, on top of four bricks.