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Quail at Crestwood LbNA #74276

Owner:Whistle While You Work Contact
Plant date:Nov 29, 2019
Location: 720 Crestwood Dr
Found by: JoySong
Last found: Sep 27, 2021
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 30, 2019
Walk west along the path. Don’t stop for too long at the playground. Lock your bike up at the bike rack. Continue following the path West. Count the light posts on your right, four on the right side of the path. Turn left at the next light post on the left. Continue following the path around the park. Count two more light posts on your right. At the second light post, there are three bushes clumped together. Walk around the farthest East bush of the three bushes until you find a large rock partway under the bush. The box is hidden behind one of the big rocks.