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Evergreen at the Highpoint. LbNA #74016

Owner:ST-Ranger Contact
Plant date:Dec 11, 2017
Location: 1 Woodallmountain Rd, Iuka, MS
Found by: Squatchis
Last found: Mar 6, 2022
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Aug 7, 2019
You are looking for the highpoint in Mississippi, which is near Iuka, in the North East corner of the state. As you travel along US72 you can take the exit for Iuka, at the Veterans Memorial Drive SR25, and head South for a very short distance. Turn onto CR187 and follow the signs to the park. The last section of the road is gravel, but a good road all the way up to the top.

Once you are at the top find a place to park and get out and look at the big stone with the plaque on it. From here take a heading of 275 degrees give or take, head SW to a grouping of three large pine trees just a short way from a chain link fence. As you approach the three trees look at the base of the one on the left. You will find a box next to a root, under a lot of pine needles.

This area seems to get a lot of traffic/people visiting here so be sure to get it back to the right location and re-hide well.