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Tennis Anyone LbNA #74015

Owner:ST-Ranger Contact
Plant date:Dec 11, 2017
Location: Tilden Rodgers Park, 1023-1031 N Airport Rd West Memphis AR 72301, West Memphis,
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Aug 9, 2019
Traveling along I40 near West Memphis AR you can take a break from your day and visit Tilden Rodgers Park. You can pick up something to eat before or after you go to the park at the DQ across the street from the entrance. As you drive around the park you are looking for the tennis courts and the parking area near the picnic pavilion. Park your car here and get out for a short walk and maybe that snack you just picked up at DQ.

Not far from here is the maintenance building/area for the park. What you are looking for is along the fence line around the maintenance area. A shrub row grows along the fence and at the end closer to the fish pier / pond, is a single shrub with an opening before a much longer shrub row of many more shrubs. In the opening between the single shrub and the row of shrubs, you will want to look at about shoulder height in the first shrub of the longer row (fence side). Untie the string and bring the pouch over to the picnic table to stamp in. Once done be sure to tie the pouch back up in the shrub.