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The Lizard Crossing LbNA #740

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Apr 18, 2003
Location: Arroyo Pescadero Park
County:Los Angeles
Found by: WafflesParty
Last found:Sep 11, 2015
Last edited:Mar 25, 2024
Planted by Jam n Jelly

Adopted by Kelsung

Alive and well as of 2/11/24

First, some history: Jam n Jelly originally planted 3 boxes on this loop. Within a couple years, #2 and #3 were both gone, one because the logs were removed and the other because the whole area was relandscaped after flooding.

But #1 has survived just fine. The original clue gave compass bearings to it from the 1 mile marker, but within a couple months of planting this marker was removed. They updated the clue to note this and said they would rewrite the clue, but never did. This made the box a little difficult to locate, but it still had a handful of finders in the first few years.

I was the only finder in 2006, and the only finder in 2007 used the box's stamp in the log, but sometime after that the stamp was removed (but oddly the napkin it was in was left behind). The next two finds, in 2009 and 2010 appear to be noxers or geocachers who may have taken it, but no trade item was left behind.

So I've carved a new stamp of the original image and modified the clues to simply mention a few trail landmarks to get you to the box. I put it in a new container because the old one leaked, but the logbook has remained dry and undamaged for nearly 8 years. Enjoy!

Kelsung (2011)

Arroyo Pescadero Trail is a two mile loop in the Whittier Hills.

To get to the park take the 60 Fwy to Hacienda Blvd south and turn right at Colima Road. You will go over the hill and start heading down into Whittier. The park is on the right side of the road, and is well marked with a big black wrought iron gate that has animals on it. If you get to Mar Vista Rd you have gone too far.

From the south you can take Whittier Blvd to Colima Rd and turn north. Just past Mar Vista Rd the park is on the left across from Murphy Ranch Field.

Park in the parking lot, walk up the stairs to the paved trail and go to your left or south. After descending a few curves, just over a half mile in you'll reach a junction. Rather than straight onto the Deer Loop, turn right to continue on the main trail uphill. At about one mile in, after a straight and level section, the trail will curve left around a bluff and go downhill. A few steps later, before it curves right again, walk left off the trail into the small clearing. Look for a SPOR at the base of the tree on the left.

Box #2: Retired

Box #3: Retired

You are at the halfway point in the loop, so just continue along the trail back to the parking lot (or double back if you prefer). The trail is relatively easy, just a few uphill hikes. It takes about 30 - 45 minutes to hike the 2 mile loop. Although paved once, it hasn't been maintained in a long time, so bikes and strollers will have some rough areas.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Jam n Jelly