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Hello, Havilah! LbNA #73990

Owner:Hello From Bakersfield Contact
Plant date:Apr 30, 2017
Location: 6789 Caliente Bodfish Road, Havilah, CA 93518
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Aug 2, 2019
Hello, Havilah! Letterbox
Everyone should visit Havilah.
This historic place is now only a tiny speck of what once was the county seat for Kern County.
Gold deposits at Havilah were discovered in 1864. The gold rush was already well on. California had become a state in 1850. Due to the influx of people to the Havilah area and the organization of Kern County in 1866, Havilah was made the county seat. It only held this distinction for six years when the government was then moved to Bakersfield. Havilah was an active mining center for more than twenty years. There are many mines that can be still found in this area. For hikers, Bald Eagle peak is nearby and for botanists, there is a special species of Cyprus that grows here in this area.
When you do hike, keep a lookout for antique trash from the miners that roamed this area in search of treasure over a hundred years ago.
To find the Hello, Havilah letterbox, make your way to the former Kern County Court House in Havilah, California, dated from 1866. It is quite a historic drive. Before you go, check out and the special hours the museum has so that you can visit Roy in the museum when it is open. It houses more information about the happenings in this town from long ago including old pictures, mining equipment and rock displays.
To the right of the museum as you are facing it is a large sign that says “Historic Havilah.” It is the larger of the two plaques you will find in the little picnic park there. From this sign, turn and walk diagonally to the right 18 paces towards a sign that says “Please pack out your own trash Thank You.” Look down in front of a large granite rock embedded in the ground. You will see an old decaying stump full of leaves. Dig down into the leaves and you will hit a small rock. Under this rock is the Hello, Havilah letterbox.
Sit down at a local picnic table and enter your stamp and write us a message.
Come back for the annual Havilah Day (which in 2019 is in October). There are arts and crafts, food and live music. It’s the liveliest time this town has seen since 1866!