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John Muier Trail LbNA #73781

Owner:Auke Bay Contact
Plant date:May 13, 2019
County:Aleutians East
Location: Auke Bay
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 13, 2019
John Muir trail
1)Exit the door at lost and found/ Auke Bay Elementary school.
2) Turn left and start walking to the railing continue to the sign that says Auke Bay Elementary School/ stop sign.
3) Turn right and keep walking until you see the speed limit sign then turn right onto the Bayview and keep walking till Cross St.
4) Walk up turn left on cross St and keep walking
5) Keep walking to the John Muir.
6) Keep walking till you see a hill then turn right and continue up the hill.
7) Keep your eyes peeled for a tiny trail on the left. Hint: there is dog poop near the trail, and everywhere so don’t step in it
8)The letter box is in a stump in the back of the tiny tral.
b9)hint:there is a hole in the stump and it is not covered in moss; and you have to cross the tiny ditch.