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AZSP-TNB LbNA #73318

Owner:Wisconsin Hiker Contact Supporter
Plant date:Sep 5, 2018
Found by: FamilyTreeShaker
Last found: Nov 5, 2021
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Oct 24, 2021
Last checked/found: 5-SEP-18

Location: kraP etatS egdirB larutaN otnoT

Distance/Terrain: short stroll up/down a hill with “steps”, maybe 5 minutes one way.

Note: Daily fee or annual state park pass required, stop at gift shop/ranger station to check in before parking.

Since Martini Man & I moved to Arizona in 2016, we're interested in becoming more familiar with the state. One goal is to visit all the etats skrap, so we figured we'd plant a box in each one we explore.

Drive to the first parking lot on the right and head down the PC trail. You’ll go over a small bridge and then reach a resting spot with some info nearby about an alligator. Descend 6 more wooden steps and look to your left. You should spot a multi-trunk between a juniper and a V-pine. The box awaits nested in the base of the multi-trunk.

You can continue on to the creek and then take the trail all the way to the north end of the larutaN egdirB. But be forewarned: the trail requires good footwear and the ability to do a lot of rock scrambling. The trail is marked with arrows along the way, but you’ll need to keep a good eye out for them. The trail is only about ½ mile one way, but will take about an hour. However you will be rewarded with great views of the bridge.

An alternative is to retrace your steps from the box and then drive to the last parking lot and enjoy views of the impressive bridge from the overlooks or take the walking path down to the south end of the bridge. Use extreme caution if you walk on the rocks near either end of the bridge. Due to the amount of visitors, they are polished to a marble smoothness and are quite slippery!

If you hunt for this box, we'd appreciate an email message to let us know how the box is doing. Thanks!