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Pete's Pony LbNA #72981

Owner:BlueSkySunshineGals Contact Inactive
Plant date:Apr 22, 2017
Found by: CW Sun Seeker
Last found:Aug 9, 2020
Last edited:May 30, 2018
Although this is listed as a 30-60 minute walk, it is intense and straight up a rocky hill. I recommended criss-crossing up the hill and remember to lean in. Good hiking shoes are recommended and this is not for the feeble. Be very careful and watch for snakes as they love the rocks!

Pete's pony got lost before he made it down the hill to the casino. In the rear parking lot of Whiskey Pete's, you will find a sign which says, "Parking/Towing Zone." We saw a lot of trash around. From this sign, look up the hill and find what looks like a small "teepee cave" straight up above you. It is located at 300 degrees from this sign. Hike approximately 150 yards uphill to this outcropping. I planted in the morning hours and the shade it creates looks like a tepee. When you reach it, you can see the side enclosure of the Whiskey Pete pool area and Pete's top red cone is at 110 degrees and Buffalo Bills Casino is at 70 degrees. The green box is located inside the "teepee" under a SPOR. Good luck! You'll probably need a good rest after this one lol.

Hike length: 1-2 miles