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Canyon Watch Park LbNA #72970

Owner:BlueSkySunshineGals Contact Inactive
Plant date:May 19, 2018
Location: Canyon Watch Park, San Joaquin Hills Rd
City:Newport Coast
Found by: Clarinet 226 (3)
Last found:Sep 7, 2020
Last edited:Aug 28, 2019
Clue image
Look for Canyon Watch Park on San Joaquin Hills Rd., Newport Beach. The parking lot only has 11 parking spots. Canyon Watch and Harbor Watch overlook Buck Gully Reserve.

First Clue - HF
Take the "Canyon Watch" path to the large "Compass" underneath the gazebo. Just before the gazebo where the path veers right is a group of boulders. The furthest western boulder in this group has lichen on it and is happily protecting the SPOR.

Second Clue - ST
When leaving gazebo go left at the first pathway follow it until you reach a set of three picnic tables, sit at the last table overlooking Pacific Ocean. Next to this table is a large bush beneath the bush is a SPOR where the box is stranded.

Continue to the end of the path where it ends into a dirt pathway. Turn right to get back to the sidewalk follow sidewalk West until you come to the "Harbor Watch" pathway.

Third clue - RL
Turn left on "Harbor Watch" path veer left on the first pathway you come to and go down this path approximately 36 large steps to the third set of large boulders on the left. Approximately six feet from the path is a crevice between large boulders where the box is rocking away.

Doubleback on the path to the compass gazebo.

Fourth Clue - TS
Once you reach the compass continue straight on the path heading east until you come to a set of picnic tables. At the northeast end is a concrete trash receptacle. Directly behind this is a territorial SPOR.

Fifth Clue - SS
Continue east on the path, do not veer left. You will come upon a large boulder on your right. Turn down this pathway to the overlook and benches. Approximately 6 feet south-south-east of the bench and behind a large boulder is the starry-eyed SPOR.

Don't miss the letterbox Tiki Totem - Disney planted by Cherryontop located in this area too!

Hike length: 1 mile