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Pixar Pals In Paradise LbNA #72966

Owner:BlueSkySunshineGals Contact Inactive
Plant date:May 24, 2018
Location: ???
County:San Bernardino
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:Oct 19, 2020
Last edited:Aug 28, 2019
Clue image
Letterboxers have informed Box Owners Box 1 & 2 stamp are missing! Box Owners are in the process of carving a new stamp. Check back for updates!

Septopus Hank went to Victorville to go "fishing" for his friends Nemo, Dory and Crush. Help Hank find where the stream is not wide. Since Pixar pals are "magical" they have the ability to swim in both fresh and salt water. The water level was extremely high when they went, so they were able to swim places where it is dry ground now and you must walk to get there. When they arrived, Crush followed their pelican friend, Nigel to Pelican Lake.

Follow the sign for Pelican Lake. Park on the north side of Pelican Lake in the dirt by the "Informational Sign." Walk across the bridge and follow the path around the lake eastward until you come to two concrete benches on the right. Turn left down the wide dirt path. Until you come to a broken down concrete bench on the left look to your right across from the concrete bench across the path you are on to a downed tree limb. The box hiding from The Monsters underneath the broken down limb.

Nemo and Dory decided to check out the disc golfing next to Horseshoe Lake.

From Pelican Lake go to the twin silos and curve left on the road to the end of Mary Lee Way. Walk through the disc golf course and find the tee throw 13. Directly behind the #13 is a 4 trunked tree. The box is stranded beneath a SPOR at the base of the trunks.

Nemo & Dory got separated in Horseshoe Lake because Dory "Keep On Swimming...Keep On Swimming..." Dory swam upstream under the roadway heading south until she couldn't swim any more.

Head back towards the Entrance Gate. Turn right on road to Horsheshoe CampgroundĀ  drive just past the yellow pilings and park. Stand to the south side of road next to the yellow pilings. With your compass walk heading approximately SE 160Ā° until you reach the far end of the clearing. You will see a concrete diversion in the wash. Look approximately 30 - 40 feet to the right to the double trunked tree. At the base of this pictured tree the box is stopped under a SPOR.

Hike length: 0.5 miles