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Arribada LbNA #72578

Owner:Silver Eagle Contact Supporter
Plant date:Jan 8, 2018
County:Costa Rica
Location: Playa Guiones
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Jan 14, 2018
Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 50 meters RT)
Recommended Ink: green
Status: alive

An arribada, which is Spanish for arrival, is the mass nesting of thousands of sea turtles, and there are only two species that nest en masse: Olive Ridley and Kemp’s Ridley. Olive Ridley Sea Turtles nest year round on the Pacific side of Costa Rica near a small town in Guanacaste province called Ostional. The largest arribadas usually take place during the peak of Costa Rica’s rainy season from August to December. Approximately ten days before the new moon, the turtles congregate in a flotilla offshore just past the breaking waves, and soon the arribada begins. Over the course of three to seven days as many as 150,000 turtles lay up to ten million eggs. In 1982, Ostional was declared a protected area and two years later, the Ostional Wildlife Refuge was officially created to increase efforts to protect the turtles. The Refuge extends 15 km along the shoreline, including the beaches of Ostional, Nosara and Playa Guiones, which is known for good surfing and where this box can be found. If you want to surf, I recommend Agua Tibia Surf School for lessons or board rental. They had me surfing with just one lesson and it was great!

Go southwest on Hwy 160 toward Playa Guiones, turn right at Cafe de Paris for about 200 meters and park on right by Senderos Naturales Trail kiosk.

Walk on trail 40 steps to roots across trail coming from large tree on left. Go to right side of tree behind large root for box under rocks. Please be discreet since trail is popular with locals.