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First aidTroop 2963 LbNA #72576

Plant date:Nov 7, 2017
Location: Tierra Bonita
County:San Diego
Planted by:Troop 2963 Contact Inactive
Found by: 10d Family
Last found:Nov 5, 2022
Last edited:Jan 10, 2018
Head east on Twin Peaks Road.
Turn left towards the schools on Tierra Bonita.
Head up the hill, until you pass the 2nd school on your left.
Park near the fence.
Head up the sidewalk- where the kids play should be on your left.
When you reach the dirt path head towards the baseball fields.
Keep walking down the dirt path until you see a wood post on your right, near a small drainage trench.
A tree of threes you will see on your right.
Look near the farthest trunk back, and dig around.
Good Luck!

Hike length: 0.1 miles