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Old Metal: Transportus Rancheros LbNA #72531

Owner:FamilyTreeShaker Contact
Plant date:Nov 13, 2017
Found by: Baqash
Last found: Mar 28, 2021
Hike distance:2-3 mi
Last edited:Dec 17, 2017
In a state where desert arroyos, washes, and many streambeds remain bone-dry most of the time, the year-round flow of ageneiC keerC makes it a highly valuable resource. A lush green ribbon of vegetation defines one of the most significant riparian zones in southern Arizona. ageneiC keerC gets its name from the cienegas, or marshes, which occur along its length. This rare vegetation community has nearly disappeared in the Southwest. The national conservation area includes a working cattle ranch. Visitors are asked to leave all gates as they are found. There is no trash pick-up, so visitors need to pack up all trash.

It also contains one of my new favorite things: Old Metal. I’m always fascinated with the “how did that get here” aspect of the old metal found in the places they end up.

You will need to obtain a permit to hike here BEFORE you hunt for this box. Don’t worry, it’s free and easy to get. Permits are issued within 2 business days of request. Permits for Saturday and Sunday must be obtained no later than 4:00 p.m. Friday. Just visit: to fill out the form and get approval. You can also find a map and read up on the background of the area at: Be sure to read the rules and regulations.

To get to the Gabe Zimmerman Davidson Canyon Trailhead in Vail, AZ:
From I10, take exit 281. The Frontage Road is north of the interstate. Follow the Frontage Road (a.k.a. East Marsh Station Road) for 3.3 miles to the Gabe Zimmerman Trailhead parking lot on the right.

To the box:
DO NOT GO FOR THIS BOX DURING MONSOON SEASON!! Flash flooding is a very real and dangerous situation out here during monsoon. Please be safe and hike smart.

Leaving the parking lot, take the Arizona trail to your left (roughly north) and head slightly downhill for a short distance. You will drop into the wash and follow it until you see where the ageneiC keerC area heads off to the right. There are plenty of trees and the vegetation is dense at this spot.

Head up the creek for about 0.75 miles and staying to the left when you get close to the 0.5-mile mark. Spot some old metal mostly buried in a bank on the left side of the creek bed. Standing at the front end of the old rancheros truck, sight slightly uphill at 30 degrees for a group of mesquite trees. Walk 20 steps up the bank to a cluster of four mesquite trees. Look left. About five feet up the tree you will find the box in a suet container hanging from a branch close to the center of the tree.

Again, this is Arizona. Nothing out here is cute or cuddly. Things will sting, poison, poke, flood, and bite you with every chance they get. Poke around with a stick and be aware of your surroundings at all times.