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Tiki Totem - Disney LbNA #72450

Owner:CherryOnTop Contact
Plant date:May 1, 2017
City:Newport Beach
Found by: Clarinet 226
Last found:Sep 7, 2020
Last edited:Nov 22, 2017
I didn't name each of the stamps on the clue so you could be amused when you see them.
The finished image will need an area that's 7inches tall by 1 1/2" wide.

Please bring the following colors (markers or ink pads):
red, brown, black, yellow, and blue

These Disney themed stamps aren't near Disneyland...but the view from this park is gorgeous & I wanted you to see it too!
I bet the sunset from here is amazing, but probably also the busiest time and parking is limited, unfortunately.

Look for Harbor Watch Park on San Joaquin Hills Rd., Newport Beach 92657.
This park is adjacent to Canyon Watch Park (where there are 11 parking spots....If you can't park there, there is parking up the street at Newport Coast Community Center)
Both overlook Buck Gully Reserve.

So at Harbor Watch Park find the wooden kiosk sign for Buck Gully Reserve.
Next to this sign is the Bobcat Trailhead entrance gate.
Start walking down Bobcat trail and you'll see a red NO DOGS ALLOWED sign on the left.
Hidden under a rock behind the sign's post is the box.
Take it with you and return up the trail about 5 steps to a small path up to the park's paved walkway.
Sad to say there isn't much shade to be can stamp in at one of the nearby benches if they're empty.
Please be stealthy in stamping & returning the box to its place.

Don't forget to take in the lovely California coastline view of Corona del Mar, Balboa Peninsula, and Newport Beach & Harbor.

Happy boxing!!