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Thankful for Letterboxes LbNA #72449

Owner:OPJim Contact
Plant date:Nov 20, 2017
City:Kohls Ranch
Location: Horton Springs Trail
Found by: brejay
Last found: Sep 24, 2019
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Nov 21, 2017
Drive up Highway 260 from Payson, and turn left (north) at the Zane Grey Highway near Kohls Ranch. Drive 1/2 mile to the parking for the Horton Springs Trail. Park and begin your hike.

You will quickly arrive at a fence with a gate/pass through area.
You will then hike up the trail about 1/3 mile.
At this point you will see two paths: a smooth flat trail to the right, and a rough rocky trail climbing to the left (the old trail). Take the left (old trail and climb up the slight hill.
At the top you will find an old gate/pass through.
Continue up the trail another 50 feet.
Now go due east (90 degrees) for one hundred feet.
This will lead you to two 3 foot boulders which conceal the letterbox on the east side!