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Misha, Misha, Misha… LbNA #72393

Owner:big sis ohio Contact
Plant date:Oct 30, 2017
Location: Virtual
Found by: TJ_Mich
Last found: Apr 23, 2020
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 30, 2017
I first became familiar with Misha Collins through his work on the television show Supernatural. Recently, while looking at letterboxes, I came across the acronym “GISHWHES”. Not knowing what it meant, I looked it up. And guess who founded it in 2011… If you said “Misha Collins”, you are correct! So I created a virtual letterbox about "The Great Confuser". Solve the clues and collect the prize!
(Hint: all answers can be found on Wikipedia or

GISHWHES stands for ______ International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. (7th letter)

“Misha Collins” is a stage name. He was born ______ Tippens Krushnic. (1st letter)

Misha Collins may be best known for his portrayal of the angel Castiel on Supernatural. When auditioning, he was told he’d be a ______. (4th letter)

Collins has been married to writer ______ Vantoch since October 2001. (5th letter)

The couple has two children, both born in the month of ______ (2 years & 2 days apart). (7th letter)

Collins regularly uses ______ and refers to his followers as “minions” or “flunkies”. (6th letter)

Collins worked as a ______ to put himself through college. (6th letter)

One of his personal quotes: “I like the idea of a world where people say ‘______’ like it’s an insult.” (6th letter)

Collect 8 letters and put them in order to form a two-word phrase—that’s your passcode! Then go to this site to enter it (all lower-case):