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Old Metal: Transportus Jalopedus LbNA #72384

Owner:FamilyTreeShaker Contact
Plant date:Oct 29, 2017
Found by: JoySong
Last found: Mar 5, 2021
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Oct 30, 2017
Driving Directions:
The retreat center is at 7101 W Picture Rocks on the left. Just past that retreat center, just before the road goes around a bend and down a hill, is a small pull out on the left. It's marked with yellow and black warning posts. Pull into this pull-out or somewhere else along that road that will allow you access to the arroyo behind the retreat center.

To the box:
From the pull-out, follow the path down to the arroyo and then follow it to the left past the petroglyphs high up on the rocks. Stay on the main part of the arroyo, staying to the right. When the power lines cross over the arroyo, look to your left to see the remains of an old jalopy. Wonder how that got there?

17 steps forward up the wash, takes you to a large ironwood with a very large, thorny bush in front of it. Turn left and step up to the top of the small island to stand between the jalopy on the left and the thorny bush/ironwood combo on the right. Sight a larger cholla at 120* and then make your way over to it. From the cholla, sight a large, multi-arm saguaro on a slope at 150*. Walk 73 meandering (to avoid that which will poke you) steps towards the saguaro to find a boulder sitting on the left edge of a depression (old mining activity?) in the ground. The box is tucked into a hidey hole on the east side of the north end of this boulder. The hidey hole is about a foot off the ground.

Notice: Other boxes are in the area. Please make sure to check for them before you leave the area… 

Please double bag and make sure to leave the box as you found it. Also, this is Arizona. Nothing in the wild out here is cuddly. Things will bite, stink, sting and poke you. Be aware and poke around with your hiking stick before reaching for the box!