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Lone Star Man LbNA #72210

Owner:Baby Bear Contact Supporter
Plant date:Sep 3, 2017
City:Lee Vining
Location: Saddlebag Lakes
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:8+ mi
Last edited:Sep 18, 2017
Difficulty: Moderate, but long hike
Distance to Letterbox: 10 Miles round trip

This box is located in the Saddlebag lakes area. What a great hiking place, with one lake after another, great mountain views, and the most wildlife we saw on whole trip.
I would recommend this hike to everyone!

From Lee Vining, go west on Hwy 120 toward Yosemite. Turn right at sign for Saddlebag lakes, and take the gravel, sometimes paved single track road to the end (roughly 8 miles). Park anywhere.

To the Letterbox:
Find the trail going around Saddlebag lake near the lodge. I suggest you hike this direction, vs crossing the dam. Walk to far end of lake (or, if ferry is running you can pay to cut this off). Take the trail to the right heading for Helen Lake. Continue past a few lakes until you reach Helen lake. At the outflow of the lake, there is a sign for Steelhead lk & cutoff to Lundy Cyn. Take the right path (the cutoff) and count 40 steps (as you had do climb up a small bluff). Look right, uphill, 10 yards away for 6ft white rock. GO to the left side, base, box is under edge with rocks hiding it.

To finish hike, go back to sign, then cross the outflow, and continue on loop to other lakes and back to Saddleback lake,