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Crockett's Bear LbNA #72145

Owner:All 4 Bama Contact
Plant date:Aug 27, 2017
Location: David Crockett State Park Lawrenceburg, TN
Found by: Knotty Lady
Last found: Jul 26, 2018
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 31, 2017
David Crockett was an extraordinary man who braved a harsh wilderness and helped shape a safer community and eventually a state. He accomplished all this while raising a family and helping start and run a successful business. Davy is etched into American history as a folk hero and as a legend that is larger than life.
As an avid hunter, many stories & yarns surround Davy. Black bears were more common during Davy's time than now. One bear could provide 180 lbs of meat, a 6 x 6 ft hide for a rug, blanket, or clothing, grease for waterproofing mocassins and oiling tools & wheels, and claws/ teeth for jewelry & trade.
One such story was that from 1825- 1826 Davy killed 105 black bears! Another story claimed that Davy went out hunting a bear at night with only a knife. He hid in a crevice and as the bear neared, Davy sprung out, stabbing the bear in the heart and killed it.
Whether true or not, Davy Crockett was both brave and tried to help those around him. What a great place that bares his name!
Now, let's get to what you came for...

We're going on a bear hunt to see what we can see...
(Wear closed toed shoes for safety while climbing)
Enter the park, make your way to Crockett Falls. Go over the covered bridge and start up the hill. Look on your right, watch for a gravel pull off with a yellow bar that blocks the path overlooking Lindsey Lake. Park here.

Walk past the yellow bar, on the path. The lake on your left & a steep embankment on the right. When path ends, continue diagonally across a shallow area. You will come to overlook a waterfall.

Climb down the rocky descent on your right. Then, descend again on the narrow, rocky area to right. When you reach the bottom, there are large stepping stones halfway across the waterfall. Go all the way across (you may want to remove your shoes if you don't want to get them wet, but might want them on the other side ). After crossing, you will see a large rock that looks like it's sliding off the hill and a narrow path to the right. Climb up around the rock. On the path, a tree will be on your right with a bigger rock on its back side and a few smaller rocks beside it. In between these rocks in a crevice, you will find your bear.
Happy hunting!