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The Serpent in the Trap LbNA #7202

Plant date:Feb 21, 2004
County:British Columbia, CAN
Planted by:TeamNorthwestPassage
Found by: The Lovebirds
Last found:Apr 29, 2009
Last edited:Feb 21, 2004
***The owners of this box have moved to the other end of the country, so unfortunately can no longer check up on the status of this box! In June of 2008 the owners received an email stating that the box may be missing. So please note that the box may be gone. Please send the owners an email if you can contribute any info. Thanks!

Starting Point: Mount Douglas Park's lower parking lot, which is located at the end of Shelbourne Street in the Gordonhead area of Victoria. (*Note: If you find yourself at a parking lot which faces the beach and has a swingset, you are at the wrong parking lot. If you find yourself here, turn left out of the Parking lot and then make your first right, which leads to what I have termed the "lower parking lot".)

--Beginning from the last possible parking space, start walking at a casual and steady pace up the road heading to the top of the mountain. Along the way you will pass (and ignore) "Norn" Trail on your right.

--After walking for 7.5 minutes, you will notice a large and 'timely' message spray-painted on the road.

--Continue to walk up the road for another 1.5 minutes. You will then notice the "Merriman" trail marker on the right. Walk 48 paces down "Merriman" trail (takes roughly 30 seconds). Look up, and you'll find yourself underneath a large, dead tree whose small U-shaped slingshot tip points in the direction of the trail you need to take. (Hint: If you hit the inland "Irvine" marker, you've gone too far.)

--Walk 39 paces down this new trail (takes roughly 26 seconds) and you'll notice that it veers up to the left. Continue up along the trail for another 13 paces (takes roughtly 11 seconds). Stop!

--At this point, to your right you'll notice a (depending on season) fern-covered embankment, and to your left you'll notice a serpent snared in a trap of 3 arbutus trees (year-round!).

--Bushwack for 12 paces (takes roughly 15 seconds) towards the serpent. Under the serpent's wooden belly you'll find what you seek!

--Have a seat on the large triangular moss-covered rock that sits nearby, and peruse through the book and box. Replace when finished.

(*Once back on the road at the "Merriman" marker, it is only another 8-10 minutes further up to the top, if you're interested in a longer walk. If you go up to the top, be sure to have the clues to Team Black Rabbit's 'Fish Out of Water' letterbox, too!)