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Arden's Birthday Box LbNA #71679

Owner:jatwater Contact
Plant date:Jul 31, 2015
County:San Juan
Location: Roche Harbor Sculpture Garden
Found by: Kermit
Last found: Apr 26, 2019
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 16, 2022
This box was placed in the sculpture garden in honor of Arden's 18th birthday. As she was heading off to Art school in Brooklyn 2 weeks later -- it seemed like an appropriate place.

Bring your own stamp pad. Box has journal and stamp but no pad.

Start at the entrance of the sculpture garden ($5 donation requested for adults, kids are free).

Grab a laminated trail map and follow the Forest Path towards Westcott Bay. You’ll find a comfy bench on your left with a lovely view. Feel free to have a seat and take it all in for a bit. Beyond the bench you’ll find a path on your right. A quote from Pablo Picasso on your left will alert you that you are in the right place. You’ll pass another bench on this trail followed by 8 square stepping stones and then another 3 square stepping stones. Take the left trail on your left.

Follow the trail down towards Westcott Bay and find a comfortable bench for a rest and nice view of the water. A bit further on the trail look for a Woodpecker and then a Modrona Tree pointing to the Bay. From this tree count 3 more trees on your right. You'll find the letter box in the hole at the base of the tree.