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Indian Sands LbNA #7153

Plant date:Feb 14, 2004
Location: Samuel Boardman State Park/ Indian Sands
Planted by:coyote.compass Contact
Found by: RougeRaven
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 14, 2004
Whatever happens to those letterboxes that go missing? In going over the possibilities, I decided to hide the new Indian Sands letterbox in an entirely different place. The original hiding spot was designed to draw you out onto the cliffs and set your heart to exploring this amazing seascape. I sincerely hope that you will take the opportunity to explore even though the new hiding spot will just take you right past most of the neat stuff.
Use extreme good sense in wandering this area. Unfortunately, it is only too common that people fall off these cliffs and give their lives to the ocean. If you use your head, this shouldn't happen to you. There are no fences to keep you where you shouldn't be. It is a wild, untamed area and I love it for that very reason.
To find the trail head you can travel 8.75 miles from the Brookings Fred Meyer, or keep your eyes peeled for the next state park after Whale's Head Beach State Park, right as the passing lane ends. If you are coming from the north, it is 18.9 miles from the Gold Beach Visitors Center.
The trail head to Indian Sands is located on the south side of the parking area. (I did not use my compass to determine anything in this clue, so don't get too exact on me)
This trail will give you a slight incline, before you plummet down a steep trail through the woods. Before you come out of the woods, you will reach a WARNING sign. Please take time to read and contemplate the dangers of the area before you continue on.
From the warning sign, on the left, you will see a wooden Oregon Coast trail marker that has a double arrow pointing "North" and "South". 36 steps going "South" on the trail, you will find another wooden post on your left. Continue on. At 112 steps from the second post, a large tree on the left is leaning over the trail. At 138 steps from the second post, you will find 3 trees right in a row growing on an embankment on the left side of the trail. Stand directly in front of the first tree. You may find a sort of trail angling back to it from in between the first and second tree, but right now, as you stand in front of the first tree, know that the letterbox is hidden behind the left side of the tree. It is nestled between two large roots, under an 8 lb. rock. It is the only rock like that around. I know because I hauled it up from the original boxes hiding place. *grimace*
I recommend late May to early June for this hike. The wild flowers out on the bluffs are incredible. Have fun exploring this unique terrain, but please, be very adult and very careful!!!