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Old Metal: Transportus Clunkerii LbNA #71426

Owner:FamilyTreeShaker Contact
Plant date:May 29, 2017
Found by: Dawgdok
Last found: Mar 26, 2018
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:May 30, 2017
To the Park:
1600 N Camino De Oeste, Tucson, Arizona.

To the Box:
In the zileF soesaP kraP. As you enter the park, you will see an informational sign not far from the start of the paved path. This is the sort of sign you'll be looking for.

Find the sign that refers to 'Water in the Desert' and that also has a reference to the "transportus clunkerii." Check out the remains in the wash. This one isn't a mystery on how it got there. The sign explains it.

In the ramada to the left of the sign, check above the post (northwest) in between the double metal support beams.

There are plenty of boxes in this park. Be sure to print the clues to catch them while you're there!