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First aid neededHaunted Pet Cemetery (El Dorado Pet Cemetery) LbNA #70954

Owner:Wolf Dancer Contact
Plant date:Feb 25, 2017
City:Boulder City
Location: Unofficial Pet Cemetery
Found by: Miz Sue
Last found: May 2, 2019
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:May 28, 2017
Clue image
If you are in Las Vegas or Boulder City Nevada, proceed to Veterans Memorial Hwy (US -95 S) toward Searchlight/Laughlin/Needles.

Proceed on US-95 South for approx. 4.47 miles and make a U-Turn on Black Hills Drive and get on US-95 North for approximately 0.36 miles.

Keep a look out on your right for a turn out. You should be able to see the main entrance from the road.

Go to main entrance (the first one). Walk forward down the main path. You will come to an area where four paths meet. Stay on the path next to the fence with grapes on it; forward and a little to the left. Continue walking forward until you see a metal cross with the name FATIMUS engraved on it. Now look slightly to your left. You will see a very tall, skinny grave marker with the name MR. KITTY 2012. The box is under a rectangular, red paving stone. Please lift and replace gently.

Copy and paste link for history on the Pet Cemetery and possible mob burial site....,d.cGw

Here is another link for your entertainment:,d.cGw

Here is more history, photos, and a short video clip.

Yours on the trial,

Wolf Dancer