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Thank You for Your Service LbNA #70953

Owner:Wolf Dancer Contact
Plant date:Feb 19, 2017
Location: Veterans Memorial Park
Found by: SnakeDoctor
Last found: May 27, 2017
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:May 28, 2017
Clue image
When you are done taking in the Veterans Memorial in Laughlin, NV, get back into your car and go to the boat launch (exit) an go straight across both lanes of Casino Drive (do not turn) to Colorado River Heritage Greenway Park. Drive pass the campers registration sign, pass the no campers sign and head up the hill! Park and head to the only picinic cabana. The view of the Memorial and the river is spectacular! Noting the boulders, go to the flattest one (see photo for clue). Tucked on the right (parking lot side) under a rock covered little cave is your prize! You may take your prize to the picinic table for stamping etc.

Be certain to use all of your letterboxing stealth skills when retrieving, stamping, and rehiding this box as it is located in a public place.

Make certain it is well hidden from the casual stroller who may just happen to be walking by.

Please feel free to make any needed repairs or to add additional log book(s) if necessary as I live in Washington State and it is unlikely that I will return.

Yours on the trail,

Wolf Dancer