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Kodak's Letterbox LbNA #70952

Owner:CptPhoenix&Tigerlily Contact
Plant date:Feb 24, 2017
Found by: Tepee-AZ
Last found: Nov 2, 2020
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Feb 24, 2017
Follow Lake Mary Road towards Lake Mary and turn left of JW Powell. Blvd Take the first Right road on YX Ranch road. This is a dirt road.You will pass the City of Flagstaff Water Treatment Plant on your right. Once you pass this, the trail head is on the right. You may park parallel on the road. Follow the Flagstaff Loop Trail until you walk through a "gate". There is no real gate, but there is a barbed wire fence on both sides. Walk parallel of the barbed wire fence heading towards the White water tower.You will see a Bearing Tree sign on the fence. There is a tree near this sign guarding the letterbox. Please hide back so others can enjoy the hunt.