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View of Hat Island LbNA #70931

Owner:SV Odyssey Contact
Plant date:Feb 16, 2017
Location: Cap Sante Park
Found by: Stinkerbell
Last found: May 25, 2019
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:May 15, 2017
Drive into Anacortes and down Commercial avenue towards their cute downtown. Turn right on 4th street, following signs for Cap Sante Park. When the road come to a T, continue to follow signs to Cap Sante viewpoint to the right. Follow the main road through the residential area, all the way to the end, this is the view point.

From the parking lot (no trail to hike) locate Hat Island and one large Madrone tree with a blue and white welcome sign in front of it. Enjoy the view, then turn away, and with your back to the welcome sign, spot a second, smaller Madrone tree across the parking lot. It is growing out of a very large rock, and is all by itself.

Carefully make your way up to the base of this tree and with your back to the beautiful view, look about 3 feet to the right of the smaller of the two tree trunks. Where the earth, and large rocks make a crevice or corner, you will find 2 loose stones. Behind these stones in a small cave is your prize!

Re-hide well and enjoy the view!