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Troop 66120 LbNA #70876

Owner:Troop 66120 Contact
Plant date:Jan 27, 2017
Location: nantucket, ma
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 27, 2017
This letterbox was created by 14 3rd graders earning their Letterbox Badge. The box is simple to fine and fun for children. An ink pad is in the box along with a notebook, pencils, and stamp. Please leave your mark in our book. Place everything back in area you found it so others can enjoy! And remember to leave our area the way you found it! have fun!

Clue 1: Head to Moors End Farm
Clue 2: At entrance, look across main road for a white rock with a symbol on it.
Clue 3: Walk down the dirt road and locate covered building
Clue 4: Look around site for something you sleep in
Clue 5:Count the number of canvas structures
Clue 6:Head to number 2
Clue 7: Look for something around the structure that rhymes with "stamp".
Clue 8: Box will be resting under this