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Bird's Paradise LbNA #70845

Owner:Tenacious Weebles Contact
Plant date:Jan 15, 2017
City:Friday Harbor
County:San Juan
Location: Land Bank Limekiln Preserve, San Juan Island
Found by: Kermit
Last found: Apr 24, 2019
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Apr 6, 2019
The Land Bank Limekiln Preserve is on West Side Road, San Juan Island. Going South from San Juan County Park, it will be past the lake on the left 1.7 miles. Going North from Limekiln Pt. State Park (aka Whale Watch Park) the entrance is on the right, before the lake, about .7 miles.

From the parking lot walk between 6 large boulders up the hill on a trail through the trees. Keep winding up the trail and stop to look at the giant Madrona tree on your right. Continue to your left and climb up hill until you are between the second set of two large fir trees. Stop here and look at the large boulder on the left where X marks the spot. Now start your hike down to 3 stone steps. Follow the path to 2 more stone steps. A mossy rock border will guide your way.

The road will be in view here. Stay on the trail through the trees with the road still visible on your left. Soon you will pass through a clearance where just ahead is a mossy wonderland. Stop to enjoy nature's beauty. Continuing on the trail you will see a bird blind partially hidden by a downed tree. Step in and watch the variety of birds on the lake through the clever cut outs in the bird blind. Check the black board for recent sightings and add your own.

As you leave, walk a few steps to the fork in the path, stay left and now follow the trail near the water's edge. Take time to enjoy this beautiful lake and look for ducks along the way. You will come to 10 stone steps up to a rock landing. On this landing find the small fir tree on the left, then from here walk 6 paces forward. Once at this spot look to the right and see your destination, a rocky hillside with a grouping of boulders part way up. Nearer to the path will be a spray of branches that you must enter and climb through. Start counting 14 paces up hill to a very large mossy gray boulder. Look left and find a smaller boulder with a gateway of 4 small rocks at the base. You have found your treasure site! Reach into the hidey hole and find the letterbox. Yea! You did it!

Back on the trail, with the lake on the left, you will return to the parking lot.

Please replace the letterbox securely when you leave. If you have any questions or comments you can email