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Sisters of Hearthstone Series of 2 LbNA #70733

Owner:jennby Contact
Plant date:Nov 11, 2016
Location: West Side Railroad Trail
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:3-5 mi
Last edited:Nov 19, 2017
Boxes checked on 11-18-17 and both are alive and well! And both need visitors!

There are 2 boxes on this beautiful, easy hike. To find the first one, hike until you see the water pipe pass above your head. Walk a bit further, past an informational sign about the area on the left too. Soon you will notice large boulders on both sides of the trail that seem to form a sort of entrance. Look down to your left and find the usual pile of helpful hiding rocks. The letterbox is waiting for you underneath.

Keep hiking past the 1/2 mile marker sign and past the picnic bench on your Right. Reach the 1 mile marker on your Left. Shortly after that, you can walk on both sides of the railroad tracks. You'll then see an extra rail to your Right. Notice a rectangular rock outcropping on your Right. Between the 2 larger rectangular rocks, look downslope of the largest. You may have to move the bush aside slightly. This is where you'll find the box hiding.

Please let me know the status. I haven't placed a letterbox in a long time and am excited to see these found!