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Sistertarian Series 1 of 3 LbNA #70732

Owner:jennby Contact
Plant date:Nov 12, 2016
Location: Pinecrest Lake
Found by: 11:11 (3)
Last found: Jun 29, 2019
Hike distance:3-5 mi
Last edited:Nov 13, 2021
Checked on all 3 boxes. Alive and well on 11-17-17!
Checked back in on boxes 11-12-21 and found Box 1 and 2, but Box 3 appears to be missing. Enjoy this amazing hike!

Start your hike from the parking lot and going clockwise around the lake. The whole hike is under 4 miles and there are 3 letterboxes along the way. These boxes are honoring a group of women who get together each year to discuss our lives, reconnect, and gain strength from one another through our friendships. Just prior to this year's get together, we lost our dear friend, and so these are also for her, Sabrina.

Hike around the lake until you approach the dam. Go over the 1st bridge, before the dam pathway, and find a short path towards a power shed. Look for the vertical, metal truss. Opposite the base of the truss, to the right, you'll see the familiar pile of rocks. You can see the truss from the metal bridge.

Continue along the hike around the edge of the lake. You'll find a chain style fence after leaving the dam pathway. Along the trail, to your left, is a fallen tree. There are many large rocks. Directly under the tree, in line with the 5th post of the fence, 2nd set of rocks back you'll see the ridge of rocks. Enjoy the view!

Now you'll need to hike for a while. You'll hike up and over a beautiful, smooth boulders. Keep hiking until you reach a wooden bridge that crosses a stream that feeds into the lake. Do NOT cross the bridge, but rather look for the "National Recreation Trail Marker" on your left. From the marker, look with your back to the lake. There is 1 tree straight in front of you, 2 tress to the left in the slight distance. There is a flat rock at the base of the tree to the Left. Under that rock, you'll find the box for Sabrina.