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GS 97 Letterboxer Badge LbNA #70621

Plant date:Oct 15, 2016
Location: Mt Rubidoux
Planted by:GS troop 97 Contact Inactive
Found by: Creeping Death
Last found:Dec 18, 2022
Last edited:Oct 16, 2016
Go to the base of the trail where it splits into 2 path up the Mt. Find the large Riverside Raincross made of stones on the ground. The top of the cross is pointing at a giant boulder. Hike up to the boulder. The letterbox is located behind/under the boulder hidden under a pile of rocks. It is in a sandwich sized plastic box with a blue lid. Our girl scout troop created and planted this letterbox as the final step of our Letterboxer badge! Bring your own ink.

Hike length: 0.5 miles