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Great Outdoors Letterbox Series 1 LbNA #7061

Owner:kayaklil Contact
Plant date:Feb 2, 2008
County:Virginia Beach city
Found by: CurlingConundrum
Last found: Jan 4, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 2, 2008

These letterboxes were originally placed on 1/11/04 within a small city park/natural area located close to the Municipal Center of Virginia Beach, VA. They were all updated on 2/2/08. All three would make for a delightful afternoon of exploring in one of Virginia Beach’s newest city parks/natural areas.

#1 – Great Outdoors Series Initial Letterbox

1.Drive to the West Neck Creek Natural Area located on the South Side of North Landing Road. As you enter the area, stay to the left on the paved road, not on the gravel driveway.

2.Follow the brown “Hiker” sign then look for the entrance to the trail in the southwest corner of the parking lot.

3.Walk through the "fine" zone as you enter the asphalt trail.

4.Take the first left to a metal bench located on the right side of the trail.

5.From the southern most edge of the bench continue for 27 steps along the trail.

6.Turn 90 degrees to the left and walk from the edge of the trail through the canebrake to the large oak tree. Approximately 12 steps.

7.To find the Great Outdoors letterbox, look under an old 2 foot long log located between the toes on the East side of the tree.

#2 - Leaves

1.From the Trail Letterbox return to the asphalt trail and continue walking, passing a second bench, and coming to a third bench located at the “T” in the trail.

2.Take the left fork of the trail until you find two tall pine trees, close to the right side of the trail standing about 3 feet apart. Stand between the two pines facing North.

3.Walk due North, 25 steps to the smooth-skinned Beech tree. It is the larger of two located close together.

4.The Leaves letterbox will be found under a 2 foot log between the toes on the North side of the tree. The “V” formed by these toes points back to the double pines where you had been standing.

#3 – Fresh Air

1.Continue along the trail passing a 4th bench and crossing over a wooden bridge.

2.The path changes to gravel and leaves on the other side of the bridge.

3.Approximately 4 feet from the bridge on the right you’ll see 2 trees growing together as one.

4.Standing on the Southeast side of this tree, take a reading of 140 degrees and you’ll see the remains of an old upright, broken stump.

5.Hidden inside is the Fresh Air letterbox under a few pieces of the broken stump. Be sure to replace the pieces to conceal the letterbox.