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Chickaree's Hoard LbNA #70488

Owner:Cheerful Chipmunks Contact
Plant date:Aug 30, 2016
County:British Columbia, CAN
Location: Konukson Park
Found by: Cheerful Chipmunks
Last found: Jan 20, 2018
Hike distance:1 mi
Last edited:Sep 2, 2016
Konukson Park is a lovely forest with several trails running through it. Directions to this letterbox begin in front of the tennis court at 2795 Arbutus Rd; if taking the bus then the #13 can take you right there or the #11 can take you within a 10 minute walk. Once you're on the sidewalk facing the tennis court turn to your left and start walking down the sidewalk. You'll pass 3 houses on the right before reaching an emergency access lane on your right; start going down it. After you've walked about halfway down the emergency access lane turn right onto a trail. When you've reached the fork in the trail with the large flat rock, keep to the right. At a burned Douglas Fir on your left, turn left down a slightly thinner trail. Bypass the first chance to turn right but take the second chance to go right at the fork in the trail. Very soon after there will be a slight curve to the left in the trail, continue following it and you'll eventually be surrounded by English Ivy and Snowberries. A few minute's walk will take you past some Alders next to the trail and soon after there will be a boardwalk. After the boardwalk cross the chipped and gravel trail to continue onto another boardwalk. When you reach another fork in the trail there will be two gigantic stones straight ahead, turn to the right and count approximately 46 steps from these two stones. You should be looking at a few trees closely hugging the trail but don't continue through them, instead turning left to the deer trail just before them. Take approximately 13 steps along the deer trail then stop and look to your left. Go to the nearest Oak tree from where you're standing (about 6 steps). The letterbox is hidden at the base of that Oak. Enjoy, and please re-hide well so that none of the letterbox is visible. To return to the tennis courts by a slightly different route, begin retracing your steps onto the boardwalk. At the chipped and gravel trail, instead of continuing across to the rest of the boardwalk, turn right and proceed down the trail until you come to an intersection in the trail and can see the backyard of a house. Turn left and head up the trail which will bring you to the large flat rock that you passed earlier. Turn to your right and the trail will take you back the way you came to the emergency access lane. Left up the lane and left on Arbutus Rd back to the tennis courts.