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Illegals ?? Aliens ?? LbNA #70487

Owner:blacksheep 1&2 Contact
Plant date:Aug 31, 2016
Found by: Tepee-AZ
Last found: Jan 31, 2019
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 30, 2017
Easy drive by. Hand carved stamp.

While looking for and planting boxes we spied a strange looking object. As we got closer we saw what looked like a UFO with odd looking creatures around it. They saw us and motioned for us to approach. They were friendly and spoke our language. They said they were from a far off dying planet and were looking for a place to migrate. They had been monitoring our air waves and asked for an explanation for what they have been hearing. We explained that we only have to endure the B.S. in election years. With that they went into a huddle and after a short while bid us a rapid farewell. They said they would look for a someplace more suitable for them. We asked but they refused to take us along. They said they had abducted one of us a few years ago and returned him guickly. That would have been blacksheep2.
For the box we planted to remember the spot take Whitehouse Canyon Rd. toward Madera Canyon Rec. Area. After mile 7 look for Box Canyon Rd. and turn left. At about 1/2 mile keep straight on Florida Work Ctr. Rd. Park at the open area just past the cattle guard. Look ahead to a multi trunked mesquite tree. The box is under a spow (suspicious pile of WOOD) between the trunks. Look for other boxes in Madera Canyon and the surrounding area
The box was reported missing, so we added a new box and re-hid it at the same tree but under a spor at the base. Let us know the condition of the box.