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Mt. High Disc Golf LbNA #70482

Owner:BlueSkySunshineGals Contact
Plant date:Aug 31, 2016
County:San Bernardino
Found by: Kelsung
Last found: Sep 26, 2021
Hike distance:1 mi
Last edited:May 27, 2018
Take Hwy #2 into Wrightwood and go past Ranger Station (Angeles Forest Information Center). Turn RIGHT on Table Mountain Road and continue uphill until you reach the disc golf course.

Box #1 - Park west of the toboggan run and walk down on left side (facing run) until you pass Basket #9, walking @40 degrees NNE. About 40 paces past on the right is Basket #2 on your left (east). Veer right @130 degrees towards Basket #1 (close to end of toboggan run). Continue down to double trees on other side of large fallen log @140 degrees. Between the double trees under small fallen log, is letterbox on SE side of double trees under rocks and pine needles.

Box #2 – Reverse direction heading back to Basket #2. At Basket #2, head 20 degrees NE down path which curves to the right by big trees, to Basket #5. Turn right to come to Basket #3. Walk 9 paces at 89 degrees to large rock past tree, hidden on back side of rock under smaller rocks, is your box. This can be a busy course so beware of people around you and rehide carefully.

Box #3 – (RETIRED) Reverse back to Basket #5 and head 150 degrees South up path to the trail past the pitching base for Tee #6. Go 170 degrees South towards bottom of old ski lift. Inside on shelf of old ski lift on back side is the box hidden beneath weeds.