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Hail to Hogwarts: a House Tour LbNA #70475

Owner:The Washashores Contact
Plant date:Apr 20, 2015
Location: Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary
Found by: The Washashores (5)
Last found: Apr 25, 2020
Hike distance:3-5 mi
Last edited:Apr 25, 2020
This series of 5 boxes, formerly located at Fulling Mill Brook Preserve, has been relocated (on 4/25/2020) to Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary in West Tisbury, MA.

From the intersection of Upper Lambert's Cove Road and State Road in West Tisbury, bear right onto Indian Hill Road. Follow Indian Hill Road past Arrowhead Farm to its terminus at Norton Circle. There is a small parking area here at the head of the Orange Trail. All 5 boxes contain no pens or ink, so please bring your own!

Box 1: Take the Orange Trail up and over Norton's Hill. On the far side of the hill, where the Orange-white Trail rejoins the Orange Trail, there is a trail marker with a small map on top. As you face the map, to the left of the marker is a tree. Helga's Box is underneath a rock at the base of this tree.

Box 2: Continue down Norton's Hill on the Orange Trail. Enjoy viewing Gay Head, seeing old cranberry bogs, climbing stiles to cross stone walls, traversing several split log footbridges and crossing Fauteux Falls, a very small waterfall. Continue on the Orange Trail until it intersects with the Blue-Orange Trail, take a right turn onto the Blue Orange Trail and follow it til it ends at the White Trail. Turn right onto the White Trail and then right again onto the White-Blue Trail. Turn left onto the Red-White Trail and follow it down hill to the large boulder with a plaque memorializing A.S.Reed. Rowen's Box is underneath a flat rock to the left of the boulder as you face the plaque.

Box 3:Continue down the hill and turn right onto the White Trail. Follow the White trail all the way to the Obed-Daggett Parking Lot/Trail Head. Turn left onto the Red Trail (also known as the Maria Daggett Trail). When the trail splits, take the Red-Blue Trail and keep your eyes peeled for a small trail that intersects the Red-Blue Trail at a 90 degree angle on your left. Follow this trail up hill to a stone bench. Godric's Box is underneath the stone bench covered by a thin layer of dirt with a stick and stone on top.

Box 4: Continue up hill and turn right onto the Red Trail again which will lead you down hill. At the bottom of the hill is an intersection. The trail heading towards the right will take you to the beach - well worth a visit if you have time. For the next box, turn left onto the Purple trail and follow it until you see a foot bridge leading to the Yellow Trail on your right. Cross the bridge and follow the Yellow Trail and then Blue-Yellow Trail past Ames Pond. Look for the place where a large, moss covered rock encroaches on the trail. On the right side of the trail, across from the rock, is a three-trunk tree. Salazar's box is at the base of this tree, around the back side, underneath a rock.

Box 5: Continue on the Blue Yellow Trail and turn right onto the white trail at the intersection. Follow the White Trail to the Blue-Orange Trail and then the Orange Trail back to the bench at Fauteux Falls. As you sit on the bench, look across the trail. On the other side of the trail is tree with a hollow at it's base. The final box, with the log book, is hidden under some leaves inside this hollow.