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Big Pines Nature Trail LbNA #70467

Owner:BlueSkySunshineGals Contact
Plant date:Aug 26, 2016
County:San Bernardino
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:May 29, 2018
Proceed up Hwy #2 to the Ranger Station (Angeles Forest Information Center) past the first ski lift. (For this series, you must have a California Adventure Pass to park, so pick one up in town or at the ranger station if it’s open.) You may park on either side of the road.

Manzanita - Walk to east side of ranger station where the trail begins. Follow trail going up steps behind ranger station and turn RIGHT at top of steps to the path. *Big Pines name is not listed on building, only on the trail marker.* Walk along trail to the right until you come to a big Manzanita bush on the RIGHT side of path just past the “Jeffrey Pines” information plaque on your left. What you seek is hidden on the front side of the Manzanita bush under a pile of rocks, pine needles and pinecones.

Bald Stump - Continue up the trail until you reach the felled tree with the large "bald" stump. This stump is very tall and half the bark is missing on top, therefore "bald." On the east side of the tree in the notch at the base under bark pieces is what you seek.

Black Oak - Proceed further up the trail until you come to the narrative sign, "California Black Oak." There will be a group of black oak trees on your right. Approach from the back side and hidden in the center of this cluster of trees under pine needles, sticks and pinecones you will find your treasure.

Beware of possible rattlesnakes. This box may be inaccessible during winter months due to snow.